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The genesis of the KNIGHT Portals

For a long time, online job portals have been based on a principle of a one-way system of job postings. Employers place advertisements and candidates actively apply to these job postings. This system of being found as an employer by job applicants was inherited from the print media in the pre-internet era. In newspapers, magazines or other print media where job advertisements were mainly displayed, people came forward to apply for vacancies. Understandably, there was no real medium in those days where you could create a profile as a candidate yourself to be advertised by employers yourself. This would either have been too costly or people simply did not want to expose their personal data to the public, as the print medium did not allow limiting the visibility of personal data. Therefore, it was logical that print media was mainly used by employers in the job advertising market. This one-sided system of advertising has simply been completely adopted on the internet over the last decades, mainly with a few exceptions, as this way of thinking has become ingrained. In many online job portals, you still only have the option as an employer to advertise jobs so that applicants have to respond to them. Attempts to allow candidates with profiles to present themselves in a specially created listing and to be actively and systematically contacted and advertised by employers are either non-existent, rather moderate or only present on a few portals such as business community platforms. Ultimately, the active focus on many job boards remains on the side of those who give work.

To break free from this old encrusted mindset of the print media era, we created the concept of KNIGHT portals for the internet. Due to demographic changes, the changing demands of the younger generations and the shortage of skilled workers in many job sectors, we are developing a job-employer-candidate system (JECS) that focuses on a balance between employers and candidates.

In a KNIGHT portal, employers can post job ads and introduce themselves in a profile. These are presented in a detailed listing. Candidates can respond to these job advertisements and contact the employer. In parallel, candidates can also present themselves in their own profile on this platform, which employers can respond to. All candidates are also presented in a large listing, whereupon the candidate naturally has control over the visibility of his or her data. In addition to their personal data, professional history, job expectations and salary requirements, the candidate can also present their available hours, so that the employer can contact suitable candidates individually or in a filtered mass. Employers apply to candidates just as candidates must apply to employers. A system based on the principle of synchronous advertising between employer and employee – in both directions equally. In parallel, tools such as photos, videos, social media or other possibilities can be used on both sides.

After the first successful contacts, job interviews can be conducted in advance through video meetings via a KNIGHT portal. These video meetings can be used as pre-selection or already as final decision-making on both sides.

KNIGHT portals offer these and many other possibilities for candidates and employers.


written by Ünsal Hacıbekiroğlu

UNICORN Internet

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